Top 10 Best Textile Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

The Nigerian textile industry faces numerous challenges that are impeding its growth. Even so, large players in the industry are promoting it as one of the largest in Africa. If you are looking for some of the country’s leading textile manufacturing companies that produce great fabrics that you can buy in bulk as a top distributor or wholesaler for the purpose of reselling them at great prices, these large garment manufacturing companies are definitely very good at what they do.

textile companies in Nigeria

Textile industry history activities in Nigeria date back to pre-colonial times, when various local manufacturers used traditional methods to produce clothing for their people. Today, Nigeria’s modern textile industries are at a pinnacle of success, with a plethora of notable companies offering high-quality products. Many of these businesses export their products in addition to selling them in Nigeria.


In no particular order, the following is a list of the top textile manufacturing companies in Nigeria today:


The Garment Factory, one of the top textile companies in Nigeria, combines traditional African style with the modern in order to stay on trend. In the production of Ankara and Adire, the company has invented many fashion styles. The Garment Factory has created many beautiful, high-quality, customer-focused designs over the years. Their progress demonstrates this.


T-shirt Factory, like The Garment Factory, is a leading textile company in Nigeria. It manufactures high-quality t-shirts for a variety of events, occasions, and purposes. They have spent years in the textile industry learning what it takes to create a fantastic and well-liked t-shirt with outstanding designs for brands and organizations. Their watchword is quality service.


Sunflag began its textile operations in Nigeria in 1961. It is one of West Africa’s largest home textiles companies, with world-class manufacturing facilities. This apparel manufacturer is fully integrated, from ginning to spinning, weaving, and finishing.

Sunflag Group is a conglomerate of companies that manufacture various textile products. Spinning, weaving, finishing, and other textile production techniques are used by the company. Its Ginnery was established in 2009, and cotton is extensively cultivated for spinning in Ikorodu.

Sunflag Group manufactures Terry towels, bedsheets, Ankara fabrics, and other items. They also produce high-quality yarn for everyday sewing, Ankara, Aso Ebi, school uniforms, laces, and fabrics. It is one of Nigeria’s largest Ankara manufacturing companies.


This is another top textile company in Nigeria, founded in 1964. It is both a textile manufacturing company and a printing company. The textile company produces various wears from African traditional prints to trendy garments and other special order designs with its faculty at Chilawa industrial estate in Kano.


Chanrai Nigeria Limited began as the sales division of Kewalram Nigeria Limited but has since evolved into an independent facility marketing various types of Nigerian textiles. Its headquarters are in Lagos, and it has numerous branches in major cities throughout Nigeria.

The company’s specialty is representing well-known manufacturers and enabling them to trade in Nigeria, where local sales traditions are essential. This success in Nigeria allows the company to expand into new markets.


Da Viva is a fantastic Nigerian textile company. In addition to fashion garments, accessories, and bags, this brand offers a lifestyle concept. The company’s products are a perfect combination of wonderful designs and vibrant color solutions that are traditionally associated with genuine African fabrics.

Da Viva fabrics are made entirely of cotton and come in a variety of textures inspired by global styles, shapes, and colors. Fashionistas can choose from a wide range of fabrics, ready-made clothing, and accessories.


This is another world-class textile manufacturing firm. United Nigeria Textile Plc is involved in a variety of activities such as grinning, completing, spinning, and weaving. The spinning facility takes pride in producing the finest poly-cleaned cotton for high-quality spinning.

United Nigeria Textiles Plc is a Nigerian textile manufacturing company based in Lagos that markets textile products and materials.


Here is one of Nigeria’s best clothing and home textile manufacturers. Premium-class Home Textiles, work and school uniforms, and pret-a-porter fashion garments made with imported American and Japanese sewing and printing technology are among the company’s products.

Track suits, T-shirts, Polo shirts,  aprons, uniforms, bags , graphic T-shirts, pret-a-porter fashion clothing, umbrellas, flags, bed linen, cushions, computer-based embroidery and monogramming services, printed mugs and pens, curtains, and so on are among their products.

All of these promotional products and uniforms help to expand the company’s customer base and make it even more successful.


Femro 3 is one of the best textile companies in Nigeria when it comes to the production of fabrics, T-shirts, Jackets, and Screen Printing. They are physically located at 2, Ozoka Street, opposite Felix Egbamuno Street in Satellite Town, Lagos.

Since its inception in 1985, the company has produced a wide range of well-known textile products. From personalized clothing to trendy wear, polyester filament yarn to clothing screen printing, and so on.


This Nigerian textile company is one of many textile companies in Lagos State. Their facility is located in the Ilupeju Industrial Estate, where they manufacture a variety of textile materials.

They primarily supply these materials in bulk to retailers and ventures that sell these products to the general public. Cotton Yarns, Grey Bafts, and African prints are just a few examples.


Despite the fact that there are other textile companies in Nigeria, we have taken the time to recommend these few as the best of the best. We hope you found our article on the list of Nigerian textile companies useful.


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