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Latest Turkey Security Doors Prices in Nigeria (June, 2019)

Are you looking for a quality long lasting door in Nigeria? Then you should check out Turkey doors price list here as they are best doors you can use when renovating or constructing a new building. Turkey doors are one of the best quality doors you can install in your house especially when talking about […]


Current Prices of PVC Ceiling Panels in Nigeria (2019)

Ceiling panels are very important especially when it comes to building houses. While the roof of a house or office might beautify it outside, it is the ceiling that beautifies the inside. While the use of asbestos sheets has passed and has become vogue, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) ceiling panels are now becoming popular and are […]


Current Prices of Water Closet (WC) Seats in Nigeria 2019

Toilet seats are important in any type of building or establishment. Although, water closet are delicate to carry, installing one in an office setting, bathroom or any building project is fundamental for people to ease themselves privately. We often advise people to buy original toilet seats that is durable and would last long compared to […]


Current Prices of Aluminum Roofing Sheets in Nigeria (2019)


Some years back in Nigeria, roofing sheets are only used in covering  a well-built building in order to protect the building from damages and also protect people living in the building from unhealthy factors. To this effects, many house owners didn’t pay much attention to the type and quality of materials used in roofing their […]


Current Prices of Floor Tiles in Nigeria (June, 2019)

Floor tiles are common these days among houses in Nigeria. Although, we’ve talked about the importance of doors to a building, likewise the importance of cement in the construction industry in our previous write-ups. We provide the latest prices of various types of floor tiles in Nigeria and also the importance of having a good-looking […]


Current Prices of Cement in Nigeria (June, 2019)

A building is as strong as the type and quality of materials used in its construction. For this reason, it is advisable you go for a very good and highly-rated building materials whenever you’re set to have a building of your own. When we’re talking of building materials, the first thing that comes to mind […]


Current Prices of China Doors in Nigeria (2019)

A building is as good as the quality of materials used during its construction. These materials include doors, cement, woods, planks, rods, among many other countless materials you can ever think of. However, we shall be focusing on one of the most important components of a building, and that’s the door. China doors are considered […]


Current Prices Of Dangote Cement In Nigeria (2019)

Alhaji Aliko Dangote is one of the movers and shakers of Nigeria’s economy, not just because he’s the richest man in the continent of Africa but because of the diverse businesses he’s engaged in. Listing the companies owned by this business guru will surely take much of our time. This is because he is engaged […]