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10 Richest Senators in Nigeria & Net Worth (2019)

richest senators in Nigeria

Virtually all Nigerian senators are wealthy as it would be impossible to win the elections of their various senatorial zones or wards if they are not financially capable. There are 109 senators currently saddled with the responsibility of making laws and representing the public in the National Assembly. These lawmakers have over the years used […]


Lagos Traffic Offences And Penalties: Full List (2019)

If you want to know the traffic offences in Lagos and penalties meted out by the new government in Lagos state this 2019, then you have to read this post. It is true that most traffic laws are disobeyed in the country, even as the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) and Lagos State Transport Management […]


10 Richest Governors in Nigeria & Net Worth (2019)

If you want to know who is the richest governor in Nigeria today after the just concluded election, then you are on the right page. While we know the luxury attached to being a state governor, a president or even a local government chairman, it is true that most Nigerian governors are guilty of fund […]


NYSC: List of States That Pay Allowance to Youth Corpers 2019

states that pay youth corpers in nigeria

It’s widely known that the Federal Government of Nigeria pay its corp members enrolled in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) N19,800. Though ending last year and beginning this year, rumours of the Government wanting to increase this amount to more than N30,000 was circulating the news media and the serving corp members carried the […]


Major Agricultural Crops in Nigeria: Full List of Cash Crops

Agriculture in Nigeria is very important, employing about 30% of the Nigerian population. While there’s some form of modernization in this sector, the majority of the people engaged in agriculture production in all states of Nigeria practice it at a subsistence level. Yet, Nigeria is a major producer of some agricultural crops in the world. […]


Major Ethic Groups in Nigeria: Beyond Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba

There are about 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, with varying languages, cultures and values. This had made the country culturally diverse. However, majority of the population belongs to a few ethnic groups which are known as the major ethnic groups in Nigeria (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo). These ethnic groups accounts for about 70% of the […]


The Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria & Their States

The geopolitical zones in Nigeria divides the nation into six (6) zones based on similarity in culture, ethnic groups and history. It is not based on any geopolitical location, it is not constitutional. It was introduced during the regime of Former Head of State Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in order to divide the nation into manageable […]


International Airports in Nigeria: Full List (2019)

International airports in Nigeria are those airports in Nigeria offering custom and immigration services for passengers travelling into or going outside the country. The airports in Nigeria that can be said to be of international standard are 5 in number.   These and the other airports are been owned and managed by the Federal Airports […]


Top 10 Largest States in Nigeria by Landmass

The Nigerian landmass is not divided equally between the 36 states and FCT. While some have a land area of an area of more than 70,000kmsq and are bigger than some countries, others have a small land area of less than 5,000kmsq. In Nigeria, the largest states are located in the northern part of the […]