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Top Cheap Cars For Taxi Business In Nigeria (2022)

taxi business in Nigeria

The taxi industry in Nigeria has undergone substantial change over the years. This has been made possible by the entry of newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for taxi/uber business into the market. Despite the fact that the 403 and famous station wagon are still in existence, it’s still uncommon to see one in use. The country’s […]


Latest Prices of Car Batteries in Nigeria (2022)

car batteries in Nigeria

One of the most important components of a car is the battery. The vehicle’s core and source of power is the battery. Your vehicle will not start without a battery, regardless of whatever automobile you drive. It’s one thing to have a nice car; it’s quite another to have a trustworthy and robust car battery. […]


Cost Of Painting Or Repainting Cars In Nigeria (2022)

car painting

Car painting and spraying are commonplace in the motor world and among car owners. Repainting or repainting cars can give an old car a new and appealing appearance. It is an important aspect of car maintenance because vehicles require a new appearance, especially when the previous one is worn out. Re-painting and painting Rebranding vehicles […]


Current Prices of Keke Napep Tricycle in Nigeria (2022)

keke napep prices in nigeria

Keke Napep is a popular, affordable and comfortable means of transportation in Nigeria. It also makes for highly lucrative business which explains why the prices are so low compare to cars or other types of transport vehicles you can purchase instead. Below we will discuss some features about Keke Napap such as its current price […]