Top 10 Richest Nigerian Actors & Net Worth (2021)

richest actors in Nigeria

Nollywood is a fast-rising movie industry which happens to be the second largest film industry globally with respect to film output. The Nigerian motion-picture industry is also leading the African continent in this aspect. All of these fame about Nollywood means there’s much income generation from the sector. This has been one of the reasons […]

Top 10 Latest Nigerian Music Blogs (2021)

music sites in Nigeria

Most people do prefer listening to music with their phones, sound systems and other gadgets. There are many places to get these songs but downloading free on music blogs is preferable. With in excess of 100 of these blogs available on the country’s web space today, it’s hence relevant to figure out the best online […]

Full List of Grammy Award Winners in Africa

African grammy award winners

A lot of African has made a mark for themselves by winning awards at the most prestigious award in world music – Grammy Awards. The awards is given to best singers and the virtue of African musicians making the list, depicts how they have been faring when contrasted with others in the world. This is […]

Top 10 Best Universities in Nigeria & School Fees (2021)

best universities in Nigeria

There are more than 100 recognized universities in Nigeria. From these numbers, there are ones that have advantage over others due to their prestige, state of the art facilities and quality lecturers being employed by these schools. These are the academic institutions that are seen as the best all round. Factors that are used to […]

Top 10 Best Transport Companies in Nigeria (2021)

road transport companies in Nigeria

The Nigerian roads has been occupied with lots of commercial transport cars that are owned by various transport organizations. These companies buy vehicles to offer conveyance services to their customers who are keen on road transport. With more then 200 different road transport companies running the transportation business in Nigeria, it’s pertinent to identify which […]

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria & Net Worth (2021)

richest yahoo boys in nigeria

There are good number of Nigerians who have made much money from their spurious engagements. These defrauding activities has earned them the name ‘yahoo boy.’ This is much attributed to the cyber-crimes they engage into to make luxurious living. If you have been looking for the leading figures in this aspect, then this article will […]

Top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria (2021)

poorest states in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with natural and mineral resources. These resources paves the way for economic activities which the resultant is increment in the revenue of the source region. With over thirty-six states making up the country, there is bound to be much deposit of these resources. Inasmuch as some states are making much, […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Nigeria (2021)

most dangerous cities in Nigeria

Nigeria has over the last two decades experienced an upsurge in criminal and violence issues. The country has been hit with a wide range of crimes thus making some Nigerian cities dangerous to live in. The contributing malicious activities to  increasing crime cases include insurgency, robbery, kidnapping, cybercrimes, political unrest, militancy, and other miscellaneous crimes. […]

Full List Of Nigeria’s Neighboring Countries

countries that share boundaries with Nigeria

There are over 4 neighboring countries that share borders with Nigeria when you check the map of Africa. These countries are regarded as Nigeria’s neighbors. In this article, we detail information about these nations and their various land boundaries. Nigeria shares land boundaries with four countries – to the east with Cameroun, Chad in North-East, […]

Top 10 Dirtiest States in Nigeria (2021)

dirtiest states in Nigeria

To understand which states are the most dirtiest in Nigeria, we must first understand that there is no Nigerian state that isn’t dirty. The only difference is that some states have more clean areas than the others, which is due to the combined efforts of the government and the masses of such states in combating […]