Current Prices of Aluminium Roofing Sheets in Nigeria (August, 2019)


Some years back in Nigeria, roofing sheets are only used in covering  a well-built building in order to protect the building from damages and also protect people living in the building from unhealthy factors. To this effects, many house owners didn’t pay much attention to the type and quality of materials used in roofing their […]

Current Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria (2019)

It’s hot season here in Nigeria and many people are going for air conditioners of their choice. You equally need to have yours because it’s unhealthy to stay in a room whose temperature exceeds normal/standard room temperature. However, before you go for any air conditioner brands of your choice, let’s quickly open your eyes to […]

Current Prices of Panasonic Air Conditioners in Nigeria (2019)

Air conditioners are made of different qualities, styles, sizes, shapes and designs. However, if you want an air conditioner that will suit your needs and equally serve its purpose, you should be going for Panasonic air conditioner because of its highly dependable and effective features and qualities. In Nigeria’s market today, Panasonic is definitely rated […]

Nigerian Nurses Salary Structure: See How Much Nurses Earn (2019)

You want to know how much Nurses earn in Nigeria after minimum wage was increased? then read on, This article unveils to you the nurses salary structure in Nigeria. It is not news saying nursing is one of the most respected courses not only in the medical faculties but in any university as a whole. […]

Best Brands of Air Conditioners in Nigeria

Nigeria is not the hottest country in the world, but it is definitely one of the hottest countries in Africa (just visit Sokoto state between February and May to see for yourself). During this period, the temperature of every room exceed the normal room temperature, while the walls of every building naturally gets hot and […]

Current Prices of Floor Tiles in Nigeria (August, 2019)

Floor tiles are common these days among houses in Nigeria. Although, we’ve talked about the importance of doors to a building, likewise the importance of cement in the construction industry in our previous write-ups. We provide the latest prices of various types of floor tiles in Nigeria and also the importance of having a good-looking […]

Current Prices of Cement in Nigeria (August, 2019)

A building is as strong as the type and quality of materials used in its construction. For this reason, it is advisable you go for a very good and highly-rated building materials whenever you’re set to have a building of your own. When we’re talking of building materials, the first thing that comes to mind […]

Current Prices of China Doors in Nigeria (2019)

A building is as good as the quality of materials used during its construction. These materials include doors, cement, woods, planks, rods, among many other countless materials you can ever think of. However, we shall be focusing on one of the most important components of a building, and that’s the door. China doors are considered […]

Top Best 10 Polytechnics in Nigeria 2019

Polytechnics are many in Nigeria. Some are state owned, some owned by the Federal Government while others are privately owned. Out of these, some are accredited, others are not. This write-up is on the best top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria currently. Please note that this is not an official ranking as polytechnics are not officially […]

Current Prices Of Food Commodities In Nigerian Market (August, 2019)

When it comes to food commodities in Nigerian market, it is obvious that a single write-up won’t be enough to do justice to all of them. To this effect, we shall be limiting our focus to important and wide-known food items in Nigeria ranging from; Rice, Beans, Maize, groundnut, Yam, Palm oil, vegetable oil, Tomatoes, […]