Top 10 Best Stadiums in Nigeria & Capacity (2022)

best stadiums in Nigeria

Nigerians love to do sports, and football is their primary sport of choice. Stadiums and venues are crucial when it comes to football. By building new large stadiums, the nation is also attempting to fulfill the highest international standards for athletic facilities. There are numerous debates on a regular basis about which Nigerian stadium is […]

How To Start Pepper Farming in Nigeria (2022)

pepper farming in Nigeria

Everybody in the world eats peppers as a vegetable. One of the most lucrative businesses to do in Nigeria and is pepper planting. Similar to planting cucumber and tomato, pepper sowing has the potential to be quite profitable. In Nigeria, pepper can be grown throughout the year. The ideal months to cultivate pepper do exist, […]

Top 10 Igbo Musicians in Nigeria (2022)

igbo musicians in Nigeria

One of the booming sectors in Nigeria nowadays is entertainment. It is not surprising that Igbo entertainers are among those spearheading the charge given the ongoing trend. The Igbos have specialized in the nation’s music sector. Their musical artists are succeeding just as well—if not better—in the Nigerian music market. We’ll be examining at a […]

10 Best Universities in Nigeria To Study Medicine & Surgery (2022)

Nigerian universities

This post will cover every aspect of the top 10 medical and surgical universities in Nigeria. You are urged to properly examine and comprehend this manual so that you won’t be perplexed about the institution that offers medicine. One of the most delicate areas of study in Nigeria is medicine and surgery. Not all Nigerian […]

Top 10 Hausa Musicians in Nigeria (2022)

hausa musicians

Hausa musicians have seen remarkable success in the music business over the years in the country. The legendary arewa music, in which the majority of these kannywood performers specialize, is credited with giving them their notoriety. Given that the hausa tribe is the most numerous in the nation, many of their performers will undoubtedly become […]

Top 10 Best Solar Companies in Nigeria

solar companies in Nigeria infofinder

Studies have revealed that persons who depend on domestic fuel for residential energy use more money to do so. This is far less efficient than solar electricity. Our homes and workplaces are provided with electricity thanks to solar energy providers. This power frequently lasts longer than the typical electricity supplied by the ruling administration of […]

Full List of Nigerian Newspapers: Online & Offline

newspapers in Nigeria infofinder

It is unsurprising that many newspapers have shifted their operations to the web platform in this age of digitization. Additionally, some operate on both offline and online platforms, often known as print media. This will make it simpler for users to view the most recent information without having to purchase and handle newspapers every day […]

Call Divert: How to Cancel Call Forwarding on MTN

mtn Nigerian infofinder

With the help of the call diversion feature on your phone, you can forward or divert incoming calls to a different number. Additionally, you have the option to reroute incoming calls to voicemail. How does that function? When call divert is enabled, the phone only rings at the destinations the call was redirected to; it […]

Names Of People On Nigerian Currencies: Profile & Reason for Honour

Naira and Kobo

The official unit of exchange in Nigeria is the Naira (₦), which is also known as the national currency. Even though the nation’s money has changed over time to become what it is now, some of the faces have remained the same. Nigerians must be very aware of the characteristics of the persons depicted on […]

When Nigeria Started Using Naira and Kobo

Naira and Kobo

A essential component of every business in society has always been a means of exchange. The term “trade by barter” originated when trade was conducted merely by trading the goods. To facilitate trade, units of value had to be established as society advanced. Cowries and manilas were used as payment as a result. Did you […]