Full List of Political Parties in Nigeria (2023)

What political parties do we have in Nigeria right now? Nigerian politics is among the most fascinating on the continent. Given the size of the country’s population, it looks that political influence is something that countless politicians aspire to. As a result, there are a variety of political parties that are registered in the country.

political parties in Nigeria


Nigeria as a country has had several political parties since the days of the First Republic. This is the exception of the Third Republic, when there were only two political parties. Over through the years, the figure has fluctuated. They have never been as numerous as they are now.

This implies that now is as better time as any to develop an understanding of every one of Nigeria’s political parties, as well as the identities of their executives. Nevertheless, before you learn about the wide range of political parties in Nigeria and their names, there are several other things you should know.


Let’s look at the history of the political parties in Nigeria. One of the very first Nigeria political parties was the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP). Herbert Macaulay founded it in 1923. Its main objective was to nominate candidates for the legislative council.

Its goals grew in scope over time. The party began supporting democracy in Nigeria and growing its participation in the country’s social, economic, and educational growth. It ruled politics until 1938, when the Nigerian Youth Movement took over.


There are approximately over 68 political parties in the country, in case you didn’t actually know. Since the creation of 23 new political parties in 2018, the figure has risen dramatically. There are currently ninety-one political parties in the country, with the number set to grow in the coming years.

Surprisingly, the increase can be linked to the fact that many formations attempt to address people’s difficulties by having a chance to influence change on a national level. As a result, it is critical to become acquainted with the names of Nigerian political parties as well as their platforms.

The obligation of signing up all political parties in Nigeria falls to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). In Nigeria, election seasons are frequently tumultuous, with competitive rivalry from many political groups. During this time, there are several campaigns and recruitment efforts to join these political parties.

Nigerian politics has developed over time, with the emergence of new political parties, each of which has set of supporters. Nigeria now has more than 50 registered political parties. Each one of these groups has its own distinct logo that can be used to distinguish them. This is critical, particularly during elections, because the logo can serve as a way of identification for political parties among illiterate voters.


Let’s go over the Political Parties in Nigeria in an alphabetical order. The following is a complete list of Nigeria’s registered political parties.

  • Accord    (A)
  • Action Alliance    (AA)
  • All Blending Party    (ABP)
  • Advanced Congress Of Democrats    (ACD)
  • Allied Congress Party of Nigeria    (ACPN)
  • Alliance For Democracy (AD)
  • African Democratic Congress    (ADC)
  • Action Democratic Party    (ADP)
  • All Grassroots Alliance    (AGA)
  • All Grand Alliance Party    (AGAP)
  • Alliance for New Nigeria    (ANN)
  • Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party    (ANRP)
  • African Peoples Alliance    (APA)
  • All Progressives Congress    (APC)
  • Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance    (APDA)
  • All Progressives Grand Alliance    (APGA)
  • Action Peoples Party    (APP)
  • Better Nigeria Progressive Party    (BNPP)
  • Coalition for Change    (C4C)
  • Democratic Alternative    (DA)
  • Democratic Peoples Congress    (DPC)
  • Democratic Peoples Party    (DPP)
  • Freedom and Justice Party     (FJP)
  • Fresh Democratic Party    (FRESH)
  • Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria    (GDPN)
  • Green Party of Nigeria    (GPN)
  • Hope Democratic Party    (HDP)
  • Independent Democrats     (ID)
  • Justice Must Prevail Party    (JMPP)
  • Kowa Party    (KP)
  • Labour Party    (LP)
  • Legacy Party of Nigeria    (LPN)
  • Mass Action Joint Alliance    (MAJA)
  • Modern Democratic Party    (MDP)
  • Masses Movement Of Nigeria    (MMN)
  • Mega Progressive Peoples Party    (MPPP)
  • National Action Council    (NAC)
  • National Conscience Party    (NCP)
  • Nigeria Democratic Congress Party     (NDCP)
  • National Democratic Liberty Party    (NDLP)
  • Nigeria Elements Progressive Party    (NEPP)
  • New Generation Party of Nigeria    (NGP)
  • National Interest Party    (NIP)
  • New Nigeria Peoples Party    (NNPP)
  • Nigeria Peoples Congress     (NPC)
  • New Progressive Movement     (NPM)
  • National Rescue Movement    (NRM)
  • National Unity Party    (NUP)
  • People’s Alliance for National Development & Liberty    (PANDEL)
  • People For Democratic Change    (PDC)
  • Peoples Democratic Movement    (PDM)
  • Peoples Democratic Party    (PDP)
  • Progressive Peoples Alliance     (PPA)
  • Providence People’s Congress    (PPC)
  • Peoples Party of Nigeria    (PPN)
  • Peoples Progressive Party    (PPP)
  • Peoples Redemption Party    (PRP)
  • People’s Trust    (PT)
  • Re-build Nigeria Party    (RBNP)
  • Restoration Party of Nigeria    (RP)
  • Social Democratic Party    (SDP)
  • Sustainable National Party     (SNP)
  • Socialist Party of Nigeria    (SPN)
  • United Democratic Party    (UDP)
  • Unity Party of Nigeria    (UPN)
  • United Progressive Party    (UPP)
  • Young Democratic Party    (YDP)
  • Young Progressive Party    (YPP)

Nigeria has a plethora of registered political parties, giving citizens a wide range of options. The majority of people are unaware that Nigeria currently has 68 INEC-approved political parties (Updated for 2018). At the time, the top three political parties are the All Progressive Congress (APC), the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Before deciding which party to join, it is a good idea to read through the ideologies of various parties.


It’s important to note that the political parties in Nigeria, as well as their slogans and logos, represent separate things. Before you enlist in any political party, take some time to figure out which ones align with your values. After all, political parties’ emblems are their brands in Nigeria. That’s the size of this article on the full list of political parties in Nigeria. We believe you now have a picture of how many political groups that are present in the country.


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