How To Register For Spy Police Training in Nigeria (2023)

The Supernumerary Police alternatively referred to as Spy Police is a special department in the Nigerian Police Force. These police officers are designated for special functions as you regularly see them at banks, companies and even in government establishments. Some go about as drivers and even security personnel in companies and organisations. A lot multinationals, going from the oil, pharmaceutical, insurance and other private corporate divisions have Spy Police force as a security to their business engagements. In the course of this write-up, we will emphasize much on how to register for Spy Police training in the country.

spy police training

Normally, there is a training organised by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) for the recruitment of officers into the Spy Police department. If you have be intending on this training so as to go through and get employed as a Spy Police, this article will be of immense help. Continue reading as we explicate more on the subject matter.


Firstly, before being qualified to register for the Spy Police training, you must meet the requirements set aside for the process. These are the significant prerequisites which are important while going after the position as a Spy cop in Nigeria:

  • Nationality: The obligatory requirement for a candidate to be eligible for the Spy Police training is that all candidates should be a citizen of Nigeria. Also, they ought to have a record or prove to show that they are a resident of the country.
  • Age Requirement: All Candidates ought to on application be of 18 years or more.
  • Education and Certificate: All applicants looking to be in the Nigerian Spy Police Force ought to have an educationaal capability, as the police officers are given rank as per their educational qualification. Additionally having an O’ level certificate with passes in any event 5 credit in Mathematics and English got in the WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB examinations. Also, candidate should hold a B.Sc/HND/WASSCE certificate from a recognized institution.
  • Behavior and Character: Applicants must have a fair character and ought not have been related with any crime case previously.
  • Height and Stature: All candidates for Spy Police training ought to be under 1.67 meters in height for men and 1.64 meters for women.
  • Tattoo: All candidates ought not have tattoos on their skin.
  • Intending Spy Police should acknowledge how to drive (not mandatory)
  • They ought to have the ability to work under pressure
  • Spy Police applicants should be good in English and familiar with the application.
  • They should live in Lagos or Nigeria if possible.
  • Additionally, all Candidate should go for full clinical test at the preparation school prior to being accepted as a Spy Police.


The following is the guide on the most proficient method to register for the training by the Nigerian Spy Police Force.


The first step is to meet the vital necessities. To start with, you should meet the primary requirements we enlisted above.


This will be closely followed by submitting the vital and required documents. The following is the rundown of the required documents that will be needed:

  1. About 10 passport photographs for documentation
  2. Your academic credentials including your NYSC certificate
  3. The required sum for registration
  4. Means of identification which may include National ID card, International Passport
  5. A company letter head paper (two copies)
  6. Photocopy of the CAC document of the company

Besides, you need to go to the PTS with the accompanying documents which will be confirmed at the documentation office.


After all is done and the installment has been made and check done, the next thing is to gather your training kit. The training pack incorporate a white police polo, short pants and one sets of white sneakers with white stockings.

If you don’t mind, note that application isn’t free as it draws in a charge for the course and training. What you should remember is that as you fill in the reason for the training, there are other extra charges connected. Thus, ensure you are monetarily bouyant before you apply.


The Supernumerary Police commonly known as Spy Police is a part of the Nigerian Police Force. This is a special police outfit which was set up considering the declining state of security in the country. To this end, the primary emphasis of the body is to continually put on the particular and master expertise of the security system. These security officers are all around prepared police staff with the major abilities to keep lawfulness inside their area of duty. Unlike the normal police who have more important commitments, the Spy Police officers, act more secretly in their professional workplaces.

The Supernumerary Police in Nigeria was set up under Section 46, of the Police Act CAP 359 of 1968 as updated under Section 418, of the Police Act CAP 359 of laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990. Under this act, ‘any individual (counting any administration division) that wants to benefit himself/herself of the SPY Police in Nigeria of one or more official police of this nature, for the security of property claimed or constrained by him/her, may apply to the Inspector-General of Police of the federation or State Commissioner of Police, expressing the nature and circumstance of the company being referred to and giving such other investment as the Inspector-General may require.’


As indicated by section 18 of the police constitution which stipulates that the arrangement of Spy Police, the obligations of spy officials in Nigeria include:

  • For employment on administrative duties on police premises (section 19 police act)
  • To protect property (Company Spy)
  • For attachment as orderlies
  • To compliment the services of regular police officers when needed by MDAs/Organisations/Multi-National Companies/Banks


The Spy Police is a special department in the Nigerian Police Force. It’s a unique body which attracts a lot of people into it. Certainly, there are many benefits of joining Nigeria’s Spy Police. Few of the many benefits of joining the supernumerary police in the country are: Spy Police officers enjoy most immunity and privileges’ of the regular police; They are not restricted on travel, as they can go out easily; Since the demand for Spy Police officers is high, you can easily get a job in top companies; This category of police officers earn a lot of respect; Another good thing about joining supernumerary police is that you won’t be harrased by any security personnel or Police Officers. After giving a detailed guide on how to register for Spy Police training in Nigeria, that’s how much we can take in this article.


For more inquiry about the Nigerian Supernumerary Police, the fee and other information about the Spy Police, visit the Police Training School, Ikeja, Lagos state.


The Author

Daniel Mfonobong

Daniel is a Editor on Nigerian Infofinder who craves for writing and researching. He also writes for Nigerian Infopedia


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