10kVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (2020)

generators in Nigeria

With the intermittent power supply in Nigeria, a good generator might be the best way to mitigate the situation. Looking for a generator is one thing, and getting the best one that suits your needs is another. For this reasons, a 10kVA generator is preferably good for more sophisticated Nigerian homes with power hungry appliances. […]

10 Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 & Their Net Worth

richest musician in nigeria

Top Ten Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 In our previous posts, we listed the top actors in Nigeria and their net worth. This time, we are going to list the current richest celebrities in Nigeria at the moment who through their performances and popularity has seen their fortune skyrocket due to endorsement deals, assets, collaborations […]

Current Cost of Nigerian International Passport (February, 2020)

Being a Nigerian is not only by mouth or by physical appearances; you have to possess some documents at your disposal to back up your claim. One of these vital documents is the Nigerian International passport (e-passport). It is issued by the Nigerian immigration service as soon as you meet all requirements we shall be […]

Natural Cures For Ringworm Infections

Ringworm is a strong itchy bacterium that shows you are infected. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a weak immune system allows the virus to grow without any effort of fighting against it. It brings discomfort and is also a communicable disease that passes to someone else with an infected person’s personal belongings like […]