Latest Prices of Washing Machines in Nigeria (2020)

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

Are you in search of buying a good washing machine to solve your cleaning needs. You may not be far from the solution as we have provided prices of the best washing machines brands in Nigeria. Also in this article, we’ll also list the pros and cons of washing machines and how to get the […]

Best Inverters in Nigeria: Features & Prices (January, 2020)


The use of quality inverters in Nigeria have gone a long way to be very important for power storage. The emergence and use of this technology, shows that a vast number of the population chose to use these inverters in solving the agonizing issue of power failure in the country. Inverters are of different sizes […]

How To Recite The Nigerian National Anthem

nigerian flag infofinder

The Nigerian National Anthem is the symbol of unity and patriotism among Nigerians. It is for Nigeria, by Nigerians in Nigeria and the diaspora but sadly, a vast majority of the Nigerian populace do not know how to recite the national anthem. Some who have a clue, begin to recite and stop halfway, while others […]

Top 10 Reliable Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria


Installation of car tracking device in vehicles is necessary because of car theft which is on the rise in the country. Car owners and organizations see this as the only solution to minimize the rate vehicles are stolen and beef up vehicle security. If you are managing a fleet of vehicles for a company, you […]

10 Best Universities in Nigeria (NUC Ranking, 2020)


The list of top 10 universities in Nigeria 2020 as ranked by the National University Council (NUC) include: 1. University of Ibadan  This school is listed first as the best federal university in the country by the NUC and was featured in The Reuters Top 100 in their latest rankings of world universities 2020. The […]

10 Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 & Their Net Worth

richest musician in nigeria

Top Ten Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 In our previous posts, we listed the top actors in Nigeria and their net worth. This time, we are going to list the current richest celebrities in Nigeria at the moment who through their performances and popularity has seen their fortune skyrocket due to endorsement deals, assets, collaborations […]

Current Prices of Toyota Camry Cars in Nigeria (January, 2020)

toyota camry car prices in Nigeria

Toyota cars, aside from being the most popular car brand in Nigeria and a leader in the automobile industry are known for their durability, ruggedity, efficiency and class. Toyota Camry and Corolla are quite cheap and affordable when it comes to price as compared to other top brands like Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, etc. No wonder, […]

Current Prices of Goats in Nigeria (January, 2020)

prices of goats in Nigeria

Rearing of goats, cows and domestic birds like chickens is very common in Nigeria. The market for these breed of animals can be found mostly in the north. But in a country blessed with such livestock, it is easy to buy any breed of goats in Nigeria for the right price and occasion. While goat […]

Current Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria (January, 2020)

Current Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria

Water is a free gift of nature and its use in everyday life can’t be overemphasized. We all need water to drink, bathe, clean and do all sorts of things, hence the reason why people store up water in tanks, gallons, etc as the case maybe. In Nigeria, if you don’t have a constant source […]

10 Richest Senators in Nigeria & Net Worth (2020)

richest senators in Nigeria

Virtually all Nigerian senators are wealthy as it would be impossible to win the elections of their various senatorial zones or wards if they are not financially capable. There are 109 senators currently saddled with the responsibility of making laws and representing the public in the National Assembly. These lawmakers have over the years used […]