History Of The First Primary School In Lagos

first primary school in Lagos

With the available number of primary schools in Lagos today, you might want to know which was the first ever primary school established in Lagos state. In contemplating this fact, it is important to note that education those days as compared to now has changed significantly. In any case, the oldest primary school in Nigeria […]

Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria (2021)

cleanest states in nigeria

Cleanliness is one of the important factors that determines the serenity of an area. No doubt, this is one thing that people consider before staying or residing in a particular place. With the numbers of Nigerian states having different characteristics, have you thought about which state in Nigeria is the cleanest and tidiest? What rates […]

Top 10 Best Banks For Business Accounts In Nigeria (2021)

banks in nigeria

Every enterprise and business actually need a business account, regardless of whether you’re simply starting the business or have been working for quite a long time. Business accounts aren’t only limited to professional ventures, but it is considered an important account for small business owners also. This being that the account can be significant for […]

Top 10 Best Private Equity Firms in Nigeria (2021)

investment companies in Nigeria

In this article, we will take a gander at the leading and most preferable private equity firms in Nigeria. Basically, these are organisations that provides a financial backing and makes investments in the private equity of new and already operating companies. They achieve this by setting some investment strategies which includes venture and growth capital, […]

Top Popular Cult Groups in Nigerian Universities & Symbols (2021)

cultism in Nigerian universities

The Nigerian Universities has been the major place that has been influenced and affected by the activities of cult groups. Basically, these cults sect alludes to an association of people (especially students) with comparable objectives and interests that is very well known to be strict, dangerous, otherworldly or something else. The origin of cultism in […]

Top 10 Richest Kings in Nigeria Today (2021)

richest kings in nigeria

With a good number of Nigerian traditional rulers being affluent, it can be depicted that the country has rich kings. Being one of the most honoured set of people, these first class kings are greatly rewarded with riches. This owes a great extent to their positions in the general public, and the measure of wealth […]

How To Register For Spy Police Training in Nigeria (2021)

spy police training

The Supernumerary Police alternatively referred to as Spy Police is a special department in the Nigerian Police Force. These police officers are designated for special functions as you regularly see them at banks, companies and even in government establishments. Some go about as drivers and even security personnel in companies and organisations. A lot multinationals, […]

How The Impeaching Of The Nigerian President Is Done

nigerian president

Nobody is above the law. This aphorism applies to even the president of any country. If the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should abuse power, or indulge in any other form of misconduct, he can be impeached. This is grossly supported by the Nigerian constitution as clearly stated in section 143. Though it […]

10kVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (2021)

generators in Nigeria

With the intermittent power supply in Nigeria, a good generator might be the best way to mitigate the situation. Looking for a generator is one thing, and getting the best one that suits your needs is another. For this reasons, a 10kVA generator is preferably good for more sophisticated Nigerian homes with power hungry appliances. […]

10 Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 & Their Net Worth

richest musician in nigeria

Top Ten Richest Celebrity In Nigeria 2020 In our previous posts, we listed the top actors in Nigeria and their net worth. This time, we are going to list the current richest celebrities in Nigeria at the moment who through their performances and popularity has seen their fortune skyrocket due to endorsement deals, assets, collaborations […]