Current Prices of Toyota Camry Cars in Nigeria (October, 2019)

toyota camry car prices in Nigeria

Toyota cars, aside from being the most popular car brand in Nigeria and a leader in the automobile industry are known for their durability, ruggedity, efficiency and class. Toyota Camry and Corolla are quite cheap and affordable when it comes to price as compared to other top brands like Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, etc. No wonder, […]

Current Prices of Goats in Nigeria (October, 2019)

prices of goats in Nigeria

Rearing of goats, cows and domestic birds like chickens is very common in Nigeria. The market for these breed of animals can be found mostly in the north. But in a country blessed with such livestock, it is easy to buy any breed of goats in Nigeria for the right price and occasion. While goat […]

Current Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria (October, 2019)

Current Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria

Water is a free gift of nature and its use in everyday life can’t be overemphasized. We all need water to drink, bathe, clean and do all sorts of things, hence the reason why people store up water in tanks, gallons, etc as the case maybe. In Nigeria, if you don’t have a constant source […]

10 Richest Senators in Nigeria & Net Worth (2019)

richest senators in Nigeria

Virtually all Nigerian senators are wealthy as it would be impossible to win the elections of their various senatorial zones or wards if they are not financially capable. There are 109 senators currently saddled with the responsibility of making laws and representing the public in the National Assembly. These lawmakers have over the years used […]

Original Water Storage Tank Prices in Nigeria (October, 2019)

Water is also very important for human survival and without water, it is impossible to cook, bathe and even to produce anything. Storing up water for use in a new house is very vital. Even if you are lucky to construct a bore-hole in your home, having constant water supply through various channels is an […]

Current Window Blind Prices in Nigeria (October, 2019)

Aside curtain designs, painting and wallpapers, window blinds also add to the beauty of the interior aspects of any house. In fact, it is these blinds that most people look at when they step into your home/apartment. Even if you opt for an ordinary window with no blinds, you can’t deny that window blind has […]

Abia State University And Courses Offered

Abia State University is among the 36 state owned universities in Nigeria approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The purpose of its creation is to expand academic admissions, harness professional skills with the aid of human expertise through modern research facilities whilst helping rural dwellers and students obtain higher education. History ABSU was founded […]

Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria & Their Prices (October, 2019)

Roofing sheets are used to cover a building to prevent rain and other weather conditions from affecting those who live inside a house. The type of roofing sheets used in building projects speaks a lot about the aesthetics aside being a form of covering for a building, so it is very vital to pick the […]

Lagos Traffic Offences And Penalties: Full List (2019)

If you want to know the traffic offences in Lagos and penalties meted out by the new government in Lagos state this 2019, then you have to read this post. It is true that most traffic laws are disobeyed in the country, even as the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) and Lagos State Transport Management […]

Current Prices of White POP Cement in Nigeria (October, 2019)

White cement or POP cement has its peculiar function in the construction of a building or house. In fact, it is used to make building decorations that are attractive and nice to eyes. No wonder the demand of white cement in Nigeria today is very high. While we have written on various cement brands prices […]