Full List of Dams and Reservoirs in Nigeria (2022)

dams and reservoirs in Nigeria

A dam is a physical blockage that prevents water from flowing, creating a reservoir in the process. Dams in Nigeria are typically constructed to use water to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity is the name for this kind of energy. Alternatively, reservoirs built dams are used to control flooding effects. In addition, they supply water for navigation, […]

10 Best Universities To Study Engineering in Nigeria (2022)

best universities in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian student looking for the best university to study engineering courses? Since there are many engineering courses in Nigerian Universities today, you have to be specific about which you want to study. There are things to consider before picking up a form for admission. Also, take note if the school is accreditated […]

Types of Crude Oil in Nigeria And Their Specifications

crude oil in Nigeria

Nigeria is the sixth-largest oil producer in the world and the top oil producer in Africa. The country has a daily output of 2.5 million barrels of crude oil allows the nation to fill this position. Nigeria primarily produces light crude oils with a high value and low sulfur content. This comprises Qua-Iboe Light, Escravos […]

Nigerian Senators Salary Structure & Allowances (2022)

nigerian senate

Are you interested in finding how much salary a senator in Nigeria earns in 2022? If so, this article offers reliable information that goes beyond only the average monthly income of a senator in Nigeria. The wages and extravagant benefits we are going to reveal below are now being paid to Nigeria’s 109 senators. Some […]

Top 10 Most Wicked Tribes in Nigeria

most dangerous nigerian tribes

Nigeria is home to more than 350 different ethnic and tribal groups. There are tribes within these groupings that are well-known or, to put it better, are recognized as the key tribal groups in the nation. The Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa peoples are among them. As animosity toward one ethnic group over another has spread […]

Top 10 Strongest Tribes in Nigeria

strongest tribes in Nigeria

Which ethnic group in Nigeria is the most powerful, do you want to know? In Nigeria, there are more than 300 known tribes, all of which have unique customs, traditions, and languages. But which tribe in Nigeria is the most powerful? You’ll find the answer in this article. Igbos are skilled in commerce, but Yorubas […]

Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in Nigeria (2022)

politicians in Nigeria

Influence and riches are the two things that pave the way to power, and this year’s list of influential politicians is no exception. The results of the poll of elections have altered the political landscape as we approach the general election in 2023. Top-tier politicians are getting ready to assume leadership roles in various capacities […]

Top Cheap Cars For Taxi Business In Nigeria (2022)

taxi business in Nigeria

The taxi industry in Nigeria has undergone substantial change over the years. This has been made possible by the entry of newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for taxi/uber business into the market. Despite the fact that the 403 and famous station wagon are still in existence, it’s still uncommon to see one in use. The country’s […]

Full List of Refineries in Nigeria & Locations

refineries in Nigeria infofinder

The list of all functional refineries in Nigeria, along with their locations, are covered in detail in this article. Our nation is blessed with an abundance of mineral resources, the most significant of which is crude oil, which acts as the main driver of the economy of the country. Nigeria is the thirteenth (13rd) largest […]

Full List of Lagos States Traffic Laws & Fines (2022)

traffic offences in Lagos state

The purpose of traffic violations is to make sure that motorists and vehicle owners respect the rights of other road users and put their own safety first at all times. Traffic laws are in place, but some drivers still break them, completely disregarding the agencies within the government that developed them. These rules are occasionally […]