Full List of Indigenous Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

indigenous oil companies in Nigeria

The oil and gas industry in Nigeria is managed by many top companies. They include both domestic and international enterprises involved in a variety of oil and gas-related operations. The indigenous companies in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, which seem to be majority-owned and managed by Nigerians, perform a variety of functions which including crude […]

List of Best Vocational Skills To Learn in Nigeria (2022)

Are you seeking for a lucrative expertise that does not require any formal education? Then vocational skills should be the most ideal option for you. This post is also for you if you’re thinking about learning a craft or gaining a vocational skill. We have provided top vocational skills in Nigeria suggestions for you to […]

Top 10 Most Developed States in Nigeria (2022)

most deveolped states in Nigeria

Nigeria is endowed with a number of highly developed states. You are guaranteed to encounter spectacular scenery of some of the top cities in these States as you journey around the country. They have the best road networks, as well as outstanding high-rise structures and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. In every geopolitical zone of the country, […]

Recharge Card Business in Nigeria: How To Start & Cost (2022)

recharge card business in Nigeria

In reality, over a hundred million Nigerians have access to mobile smart phones. And at a certain point, every one of those people has had to buy recharge cards to call. We should point out that some of these people have many lines on their phones. This means that selling recharge cards is a highly […]

Crayfish Selling Business in Nigeria: How To Start & Cost (2022)

crayfish selling business in Nigeria

Crayfish selling is among the top businesses in Nigeria, particularly in the coastal south. Have you been seeking for a way to start a business with very little money? Crayfish selling business is a good option due to its high demand. Do you have any idea how much money you’ll need to start this business? […]

Official ACCA Exam Fees in Nigeria (2022)

acca exam fee in Nigeria

It’s simple to see why ACCA is one of today’s most popular international accounting exams. With many accounting experts continuing to pay greater interest to this worldwide certification, it’s important to understand how much each level costs in Nigeria today. In this piece, we’ll go over some of the basics that aspiring ACCA candidates should […]

Official NEBOSH Exam Fees in Nigeria (2022)


Many people who are considering taking the NEBOSH certification course want to know how much it will cost them for the examination. The cost of this type of safety training is pretty high, and it is determined by a number of critical factors that influences the entire cost, like the type of exam and the […]

Nigerian States That Pays NYSC Youth Corpers (2022)

states in Nigeria that pay NYSC corpers allowance

Are you interested in learning more about states that offer state allowances to service members? This article outlines the ideal states that provide NYSC allowances that you should think about while choosing a state for your NYSC service. LIST OF NIGERIAN STATES THAT PAY NYSC YOUTH CORPS MEMBERS (2022) The following is a list of […]

Cost of Obtaining Mining License in Nigeria (2022)

cost of mining license

Absolutely nobody can dismiss the possibility that the mining sector is not profitable. Furthermore, because Nigeria has a large amount of solid minerals, a venture capitalist will indeed be attracted in the lucrative market. The most basic condition for beginning the mining process is to have a mining license. If you’re curious about how much […]

Top 10 Best Nigerian Rice Brands (2022)

rice brands in Nigeria

Rice is a basic food consumed by millions of Nigerian families on a daily basis. As popular as rice is, finding the Best Rice Brands in Nigeria can be a difficult task because there are so many varieties on the Nigerian market. We’ve compiled a list of the best Nigerian rice brands to make the […]