Top Cheap Cars For Taxi Business In Nigeria (2022)

taxi business in Nigeria

The taxi industry in Nigeria has undergone substantial change over the years. This has been made possible by the entry of newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles for taxi/uber business into the market. Despite the fact that the 403 and famous station wagon are still in existence, it’s still uncommon to see one in use. The country’s […]

Full List of Refineries in Nigeria & Locations

refineries in Nigeria infofinder

The list of all functional refineries in Nigeria, along with their locations, are covered in detail in this article. Our nation is blessed with an abundance of mineral resources, the most significant of which is crude oil, which acts as the main driver of the economy of the country. Nigeria is the thirteenth (13rd) largest […]

Full List of Lagos States Traffic Laws & Fines (2022)

traffic offences in Lagos state

The purpose of traffic violations is to make sure that motorists and vehicle owners respect the rights of other road users and put their own safety first at all times. Traffic laws are in place, but some drivers still break them, completely disregarding the agencies within the government that developed them. These rules are occasionally […]

How To Become A Freelance Model in Nigeria (2022)

modeling in Nigeria

The chance to mix your passions and your profession may be excitingly presented by pursuing a career in modeling. While many models are employed by agencies, some might desire to have more influence over their careers by working as freelance models. Understanding what this job path entails can help you choose whether it fits with […]

10 Best Freelance Jobs in Nigeria (2022)

freelancing in Nigeria

The profession of freelancing is quickly gaining popularity across the globe, especially in Nigeria. Due to the benefits offered by these professions, more people have chosen to work as independent contractors in recent years. You can work according to your own conditions if you decide to operate as a freelancer in Nigeria. You will have […]

How To Become A Freelance Travel Agent In Nigeria

travel agencies in Nigeria

Travel agency is a significant industry that supports the task of moving people from one place to another. One of the beneficiaries of such a business is a travel agent. There are a few things you should be aware of if you wish to work as an independent travel agent. There are numerous benefits to […]

Types of Nurses in Nigeria

nurses in Nigeria

Nursing is the most widespread, diverse, and well-respected of all the medical specialties. Nigeria has hundreds of thousands of registered nurses, but studies have estimated that between 2016 and 2030, the country will need about 600,000 nurses and midwives. More people will now have the chance to find employment in the field of public health […]

Highest Paid Military Outfit in Nigeria (2022)

Nigeria airforce ranks salary structure

You might have been curious about which department of the Nigerian military is paid the most. You probably even looked it up online, which is why you’ve found this website. You don’t need to worry since you’ve come to the proper place. We’ll let you know which branch of our armed forces makes the most […]

DSS Salary Structure in Nigeria (2022)

dss nigeria infofinder

The Department of State Services, also referred to as DSS or SSS, pays its employees one of the highest monthly wages in Nigeria. They are the only government organization with this authority, and one of their responsibilities is to acquire intelligence for Nigeria. However, we shall explore their extraordinarily high earning potentials here and learn […]

All Types of Bank Accounts in Nigeria


The importance of having a bank account in any recognized financial institution can not be overemphasized. In addition to making financial transactions simple and safe, bank accounts also make it easier for you to get credit facilities. Whether they are individuals or businesses, banks and other financial institutions provide their clients with a variety of […]